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bebePOD vs Bumbo Testimonials

See what Satisfied Customers have to say about the bébéPOD®:

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Wonderful Product (5 stars!!!!!)
"I have three friends who just had babies, so in a rush I picked up the April issue of Parents magazine to see what baby product was hot, and the bebePOD had a great write up. The picture does make the product look pretty hard, but its incredably soft, and unbelievably supportive. I compared the product at the store to the Bumbo baby seat, and found that it was far more aesthetically pleasing, plus; the sales lady informed me that she had heard several complaints about babies being able to get out of the Bumbo seat easily. So I bought three bebepods and gave them to my friends who loved them. They said the best part was that all of their babies are completely happy in the seat, and have difficulty wiggling out even when they do get squirmy. All three of my friends loved the gift, and one even told me she has bought one, to bring to a shower in a few weeks."
Sally Temecula, CA

so great!
" I bought this for my 3 month old daughter after reading about it in Parenting magazine. We both love it! It allows her to sit up and view the world around her in a different way, rather than always laying on back or tummy. I just received it yesterday and already have used it a ton. It was recommended in the magazine for use in restaurants while your child is still too small for the highchair. Haven't tried this yet but will soon. I would highly reccomend this chair."
Mom of Ella Sarasota, FL

Loved It
" I purchased the BebePOD for my nephew. He LOVES it! My sister said he had a lot of problems holding his head up, and he is doing so much better now. Thank you!."
HappyAunt Modesto, California

Very happy....
" We were deciding between this and the Bumbo chair. We ordered both and then after looking at both of them, kept this one. The chair is a very pretty color of green, and the yellow knob that the baby can rest little hands on is great. This chair is great for babies who can hold their heads up but aren't ready to sit. The picture does not look like it, but it is made of very soft material, and appears to be very comfy. It is great for feeding the baby or just letting them sit and watch everything. An excellent purchase that I highly recommend to all parents."
LG Boston, MA

bébéPOD® Works
" I bought this for my little girl 3 months and she can sit unattended and can be right next to me if i am on the floor. For example i was putting together her exsosaucer and she could sit the and reach out and touch me and seemed to be happy!!."
Julie Alcorn "Brilie" Ponca City, OK

A Great Invention
"I bought this seat for my 3 month old son and he LOVES it! It is a nice alternative to the bouncy chair or swing and allows him to sit unassisted. This would make a much appreciated and unique shower gift."
Justin's mom "Kristi" McHenry, IL

Better than Bumbo Baby Seat
"Love this little seat! I bought the bumbo originally because my 3 month old has mild plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome. I thought this would be a good break from laying down all the time, the view from the floor or bouncy chair isn't all that amusing. I also needed a free hand to chase my toddler. However she was uncomfortable in the bumbo baby seat her legs sat up so much higher then her bum that she appeared to be falling back. Needless to say I took it back. I saw an ad for this little seat and with free shipping its actually cheaper than the bumbo seat. I thought it was worth a try. My daughter is very comfy, no slumping, or falling back, she also looks very cute sitting up like a big girl. My 1 year old loves this chair as well and often asks to sit in it!! It is a little pricey but I think its worth it. Definitely recommended."
Mom of 2 under 2 "Tracy" Colorado Springs , Co

" Bought this little chair on a whim and was pleasently surprized when it arrived. very soft but sturdy feeling.  Color was better in person.   My son seemed to take to it right away and was comfy to sit unassisted.  Not a necessity, but worth buying.  Would be a great shower gift!!"
Ethan'sMom "Merri K" Citra, FL

"I just purchased the Bebepod and I want to tell you that it is GREAT!!!!! My five month old son loves it and so do I!!!!!  It’s so soft, unlike the plastics baby seats. I especially love the fact that my son can play with his toys in an upright position. He hates Tummy time and this provides an excellent way for him to be off of his head and actually see what is going on around him. I just happened by luck to find this product online at Walmart and it was delivered within two day of ordering it. I will tell everyone that I know how great this product is and it will be the next gift for my Sister’s baby shower and anyone else that I know."
From an Extremely Happy owner of the BEBEPOD!
DeAnna Huizinga Grandville, Michigan

"My name is Jessica and this is my little girl, Asa.  I wanted to tell you about the bebePOD and how it has been the best “first seat” my little girl could ever have.  Since I saw it advertised in a magazine, I just knew this was what my child needed.  I wanted to feed her sitting up instead of laying down simply to thwart any ear infections which she is prone to contract.  But the bebePOD has done so much more.  Not only do I feed her in her little seat, I have found dozens of other uses for it.  I have found that her attention span to learn has increased dramatically while she sits in it; simply because she is not distracted with trying to keep herself steady. But the learning is a side note compared to the muscles it has helped her develop in order to balance herself correctly.  I highly recommend the bebePOD to any sleepy parent for it is made of really soft material that stands up to even my husband inadvertently stepping on it in the middle of the night for her feeding!  And it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in my nursery either for the colors available are just so soft and easy on the eye. Whenever I take it out, she gets all happy and her face lights up for she looks so forward to her “time” in her seat.  The things she uses her “time” on the bebePOD are endless.  From staring at herself and chatter endlessly with her image in the mirror, to feeding times without worry of acid reflux or burping gases, to helping her daddy garden and a whole lot more.  Our family just loves it."
Jessica Nelson, mother to Asa, St. Charles, Missouri

"I love this seat. My son is already 9 months old, and I looked for one when he was first learing to sit at about 4 months. My friends had the Bumbo chair, which they did not reccommend, I'm glad I didn't waste the money at the time. I recieved this Bebe Pod when my son was already crawling, but he still doesn't get out of it, and he seems to sit comfortably with plenty of leg room. In fact, when I put him in my friends Bumbo seat, he cried, the area around the legs was just not big enough for him, and he's only 75th percentile so he's average sized. I took the Bebe Pod to my family gatherings during the Holiday's, when it came time for him to eat, I put the seat on the floor and fed him his dinner, it was perfect! (I don't put anything on tables). He couldn't climb out, and was comfortable enough to not want to. I actually felt safe walking away from him for a minute at my grandmothers house with him in his seat on the floor next to her china cabinet, he was content! I will certainly use my seat to help my next little one sit up, and I will continue to take it along when we travel, it's a great way to get a few minutes of sit down time, knowing they won't crawl away! My son sits comfortably with room near his back and plenty of leg room, he hasn't been able to tip it over due to it's oval shape (round tips easier), it wipes down very easily, and it's light to carry. I highly reccommend this product!"
Shanna Hixenbaugh, mom to Jake, Central Coast, California

" The bebepod is a wonde rful addition to the nursery of any parent with a newborn.  For the baby who has achieved head control in upright, the bebepod offers the baby a well supported position in sitting for exploring the world. It fosters development of arm and hand control and encourages visual gaze to the table surface and attention to play. As an occupational therapist in early intervention I have used it with both my students and my grandchildren."
Marlene Macbeth, occupational therapist OTR/L

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