How To: Product Support

We know all too well of those late-night, sleepy-eyed, assembling sessions. Here’s where you’ll find product information, assembly instructions, demo videos, and helpful hints. If you can’t find it here, visit the customer service page to send us an email, email us direct: or call us: 1-800-544-1132 (toll free, USA) or direct at 1-805-922-2250 Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm PST.

Balance Bike

Change a tire, replace an air stem, OR a part missing? Here are the assembly instructions:

Valve replacement instructions:

Valve Stem Tightening instructions:

Trying to figure out if the bike is too big or not big enough? Inseam should be 14.5-17.5 inches to get those little toes on the ground and the tot should not be over 80 lbs.


Using distilled water on the everFRESH pillow is best. Tap water contains minerals and chemicals and sediment that while naturally occurring, may cause staining of the pillow and wipesWARMER when water naturally dissipates and condenses when the moisture is warmed by the wipesWARMER. Rinse the pillow regularly and call us if you have any problems.

Condensation does happen where there is heating of liquid. Take care when opening the lid of the wipesWARMER so that condensation does not run onto the outside of the wipesWARMER or onto the surface it stands on. The everFRESH pillow should be fully saturated. There should be no standing water in the bottom of the wipesWARMER.